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The Loch-Ard is under new management. For details call Dale on 0438 580 708

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The MB Loch-ard was first built in Melbourne in the early 1900's. It was built from Tasmanian Huon Pine and kauri. The boat operated as a passenger ferry for a short time and was then shipped to Lakes Entrance where it delighted many holidaymakers with cruises around lakes Entrance. it was also used to carry guests to the Maranui Guest House. In between coming to Mallacoota in the 70's it had its top removed and was used as a netting boat at lakes.

The boat came to Mallacoota via the sea, traveling out of the bar at lakes Entrance and twelve hours later entering the bar at Mallacoota, A young Joe Peel remembers it well as he was in charge of the bilge pump on its ocean trip.

After some thirty years of operating in Mallacoota the Loch-ard was in need of some major repairs. The then present owner Bob Shooter, with the expert assistance of Cecil Wilson, have completely restored the boat and it should now be good for at least another 90 years!